Quiet Platforms Shatters 3PL Conventions with Click2Door: End-to-End Logistics Accountability That’s Predictably Priced

New service is the first in the industry to offer a single SLA for fulfillment through delivery and  aligns performance with customer expectations

February 6, 2024 New York, NY — Forget fragmented fulfillment and delivery with opaque, complex pricing. Quiet Platforms, a wholly owned subsidiary of American Eagle Outfitters Inc. (NYSE: AEO), today introduces a game-changing solution for ecommerce-led growth brands: Click2Door™. An industry first integrating fulfillment and delivery with a single end-to-end Service Level Agreement (SLA) and predictable per order pricing, Quiet Platforms’ Click2Door is a total redefinition of logistics, prioritizing customer experience and empowering brands with unprecedented control and transparency.

No more do brand owners need to resolve finger-pointing between fulfillment and delivery service providers, and reconcile complex billing to work out what an ecommerce or store replenishment order actually costs. Now brands can own the end-to-end promise to their customers and have confidence in pricing, powered by Quiet’s fulfillment and last mile delivery expertise and cutting-edge data science and automation.

Click2Door introduces truly all-in, predictable per-order costs encompassing the entire journey, including receiving and storage, pick and pack, and last mile delivery.. Brands are protected from hidden fees and unexpected warehouse charges. Quiet’s Click2Door manages ecommerce orders from the cart check-out through to the customer doorstep under one SLA and with a predictable cost per order.

Click2Door is available in three configurations, each designed to meet brand needs at different scales of growth and business complexity:

  • Click2Door Single Node: For emerging brands enjoy effortless scaling with true end-to-end control. Our exceptional customer-driven forecasting and planning empowers you to deliver unmatched customer experiences.
  • Click2Door Virtual Single Node: For high growth national brands,experience zero-risk scaling while reaping the immediate benefits of multi fulfillment node speed and cost savings. Leverage Quiet’s allocation and placement intelligence to optimize your inventory.
  • Click2Door Multi-Node: For larger brands with depth and expertise in managing their own inventory across multiple fulfillment nodes, maximize speed and cost efficiency while taking control of inventory management.

“This is not just a pricing or packaging scheme,” said Niall Murphy, Quiet Platforms President. “Click2Door breaks with the tradition of fragmented 3PL and delivery services that has made scaling ecommerce logistics hugely complex for growth brands,”  said Niall Murphy, Quiet Platforms President. “Now growing brands and retailers can benefit from scale proven inventory data science, automation and delivery management capabilities seamlessly integrated with our nationwide network. We’re rewriting the rules of 3PL, putting brands and their customers at the heart of every journey.”

With Click2Door, brands and retailers gain:

  • End-to-end accountability for fulfillment and delivery: No more finger pointing between multiple fulfillment and delivery service providers. Click2Door eliminates complexity with a single SLA that manages customer experience from order check-out to doorstep delivery.
  • Predictable per-order costs: Forget guessing order costs to set pricing and reconciling multiple service provider bills and cost surprises later.  Click2Door provides transparent per-order pricing for easy budgeting and confident margin calculation—all while building trust with both customers and business stakeholders.
  • Painless, seamless scalability: Grow without the typical growing pains. Start at the right level for your growing business—Single Node for agile control, Virtual Node for nationwide advantages, or Multi-Node for maximum scale—and leverage Quiet’s intelligent platform for seamless growth without the risks of doing it yourself. Moving between solutions is easy and fast. 
  • Control your business performance: Take the reins with Click2Door’s forecasting and planning tools for pre-emptive inventory replenishment, end-to-end visibility and order tracking.
  • Fuel customer obsession: Craft exceptional end-to-end experiences for your customers they can depend on, building brand loyalty, and driving sustainable growth.

Click2Door is the future of omni channel logistics for growth brands. Contact Quiet Platforms today and make your business easier with the power of order-to-doorstep logistics.

About Quiet Platforms

For digital-first brands and retailers facing complex supply chain challenges, Quiet Platforms streamlines complex supply chains through a nationwide network of strategically located fulfillment centers and last-mile delivery solutions, all orchestrated by cutting-edge data science and AI. Trusted by over 30 globally renowned retailers, including American Eagle, Fanatics, Nested Bean, and Tipsy Elves, we understand the need for efficiency and customer obsession.

Quiet Platforms goes beyond traditional logistics solutions with Click2Door, a revolutionary offering that unifies and optimizes the entire customer journey—including inventory, fulfillment and delivery—under a single comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA) and a single per order price. This industry-first approach empowers brands to put their entire supply chain on autopilot, from order placement to doorstep delivery, ensuring predictable costs and exceptional customer experiences.

Stop managing complexity, start maximizing efficiency and profits. Choose Quiet Platforms.

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