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We take a very purposeful and principled approach to building supply chain services that enable the future.

About Quiet Platforms supply chain services

For digital-first brands and retailers facing complex logistic challenges, Quiet Platforms streamlines supply chains through a nationwide network of strategically located fulfillment centers and last-mile delivery solutions, all orchestrated by cutting-edge data science and AI.

Trusted by over 30 globally renowned retailers, including American Eagle, Fanatics, Nested Bean, and Tipsy Elves, we understand the need for efficiency and customer obsession.
Stop managing complexity, start maximizing efficiency and profits. Choose Quiet Platforms.

How We Differ


Our edge network is designed for speed, efficiency, and quality–the metrics that matter most to the ecommerce customer.


We were born from innovation and it sits at the core of everything we do.

Personal Touch

Our services are designed around meeting your needs, not ours. We go the extra mile to ensure the brands win.

Partnership Approach

Our goal is to build an open and shared network to the benefit of brands of all sizes. Our focus is on enabling your success as the path to enable our success.


The efficiency of our edge network reduces the carbon footprint for every ecommerce and retail package. The more we improve the network, the greater our positive environmental impact.

Our Leadership

Meet your team of inspired entrepreneurs, innovators, overachievers, perfectionists, and forward-thinkers who share a commitment to excellence in every aspect of the next generation of fulfillment and delivery—getting your product where it needs to go.

Niall Murphy

Niall Murphy


Bill Besselman

Bill Besselman

Chief Administration Officer

Ajendra Taneja

Ajendra Taneja

Chief Technology Officer
Evan Rock

Evan Rock

Vice President, Sales

Michael Boyzuick

Michael Boyzuick

Vice President Edge Delivery

A History of
Exceeding Expectations

For over a decade now, we have grown to become the chosen fulfillment and delivery provider to the most successful and progressive omni-channel and digitally native brands as they seek to get closer to their customers.

Quiet Platforms historical timeline

Leading Clients

Our expertise and attention to detail have made Quiet Platforms an indispensable partner to some of today’s biggest names and tomorrow’s rising stars.

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