Smarter inventory management starts here.

Inventory agility meets supply chain certainty. Leverage data-driven insights and strategically placed nodes to streamline operations and gain control.



Our intelligent inventory management solution typically reduces supply chain costs by 10-15%.

Our team will provide fulfillment, 1-2 day delivery, intelligent inventory & we will optimize every aspect so you will consistently save at least 10-15% MoM.


Average click to deliver cost savings

Inventory that moves with you.

Inventory Analytics

Have a complete, transparent view of every omni-channel order

Powered by world-class data scientists, get a complete view on your inventory, orders, & deliveries in a single platform.

Powered by Advanced
Logistics and Inventory
Data Science

Data science powers a full suite of fulfillment, logistics, and inventory management services. Whether it is fulfillment network planning, transportation routing, or dynamic last-mile carrier selection, we have the intelligence you need to optimize your network.

Our reverse logistics answer the unique challenge of returns processing, product restoration, and restocking required for leading e-commerce retailers. We have a full suite of inventory optimization tools that help you both plan and respond to demand patterns in your business.

Our planning tool chooses products to stock at each node to support customer demand.

Our algorithm reroutes incoming carton to their optimal destinations.

Optimal Inventory is maintained at each node and integrates with existing allocation systems.

Inventory health is monitored to optimize margin opportunities and movements across the network.

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