End-to-end logistics, reimagined.

Unify your whole supply chain under one SLA and one per order price.


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Introducing the industry’s first integrated, end-to-end logistics service with a single end-to-end Service Level Agreement (SLA), made even better by predictable per order pricing.

Quiet Platforms streamlines complex supply chains through our nationwide network of strategically located fulfillment centers and last-mile delivery solutions, all orchestrated by cutting-edge data science and AI.

Average distance:

743 0 miles

Average zone:

4.6 0

Zone 2-3 coverage:

23.9% 0 %

Average TNT:

3.48 0 days

Most supply chains fail retailers and growth brands

Zone of uncertainty

Limited control of the customer experience

Fulfillment and delivery are disconnected

Workflows not optimized

Quiet Platforms Click2Door solves for your customer experience

Most logistics solutions consist of one fulfillment SLA and one delivery SLA and the hope that they marry together. However, this usually means that brands are paying for activities versus outcomes because the workflows between the two services aren’t optimized.

Quiet is accountable for “Customer click to customer door” performance

Simple rate card and predictable cost per order not per unit

No more uncertainty just transparency and a clear customer promise

How Click2door Is Different, And Better

We are not your ordinary 3PL service, we have 45 years of expertise servicing retail and growth brands at the highest levels.

How It Works

Click2Door is available in three flavors to perfectly match your business needs.

What It Means To Use Our
Virtual Node Service

With a virtual single node, it feels and operates just like a single node for you. However we use our inventory intelligence apps to reposition your inventory within our network to get closer to the customer. We take on the risk and complexity of inventory placement and managing transfers, and you get a discounted rate card from the savings.

Your Workflow Remains Unchanged

  • Inbound to the primary node
  • Billed as if shipped from the primary node but on a better rate card

Under the Hood

  • Data Science and AI to optimize SKU & inventory position across our network
  • Optimized fulfillment & delivery
  • Full transparency
Quiet Platforms Virtual Node
Click2Door virtual node

Where Logistics Meets Data Science

Imagine a logistics solution so intelligent, it anticipates your needs before they arise. Quiet Platforms’ cutting-edge data science does just that. We go beyond traditional fulfillment and delivery, leveraging the power of AI and machine learning to optimize your entire supply chain, from inventory allocation to last-mile delivery.

Supercharged by Intelligent Data Science

Unleash the power of data-driven logistics with Quiet Platforms. Our battle-tested data science and automation is proven to optimize every aspect of your fulfillment and delivery journey, delivering unmatched efficiency, transparency, and cost savings.

How our advanced data science
elevates your logistics

Predictive Inventory Optimization

Beyond Inventory

Ready to transform your ecommerce logistics?

Contact Quiet Platforms today and discover how Click2Door can streamline your operations, empower your brand, and fuel your growth.

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