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Ship Smarter, Stress Less with Click2Door™

Say goodbye to hidden fees, missed deadlines, and juggling vendors. We make fulfillment & delivery a breeze.

Your Apparel & Footwear Fulfillment Doesn't Have to Be a Headache

Are you tired of managing multiple vendors, negotiating prices, and chasing down SLAs? Hidden fees and complex contracts making it hard to predict your logistics costs? Click2Door by Quiet Platforms cuts through the chaos and simplifies your life.

Benefits of Click2Door

Your Apparel & Footwear Expert, On Your Team

When you partner with us, you’ll get a dedicated Click2Door account manager, with deep industry knowledge, who will become your go-to person for all fulfillment needs. They’ll ensure your apparel & footwear arrive on time and looking their best.

Data-Driven Decisions, Optimized Fulfillment

Leverage the power of retail’s largest data science team. Our custom applications analyze trends and predict demand, allowing us to optimize your inventory levels, picking processes, and shipping strategies for maximum efficiency.

Built-In Redundancy for Uninterrupted Service

Disruptions happen, but your fulfillment shouldn’t suffer. Click2Door’s nationwide network of fulfillment centers and sophisticated routing technology ensure your SLAs are met, even in the face of unforeseen events. We’ll seamlessly reroute shipments to keep your deliveries on track.

Scale Seamlessly, Sell Fearlessly

Peak season surges? New warehouse locations? Click2Door’s flexible solutions and knowledgeable team adapt to your growth, so you can focus on what matters most—making sales.

Full Accountability Partnership

We guarantee on-time deliveries, accurate picking, and exceptional customer service—all under an industry-leading SLA that spans fulfillment through transportation. No more finger-pointing, just clear accountability.

Slash Your Fulfillment Costs by 20% (or More)

Ditch the hidden fees and cost confusion. Click2Door’s all-inclusive pricing simplifies budgeting and delivers significant cost savings.

Apparel & Footwear Experts. Data-Driven Optimization. Unmatched Efficiency.

Quiet Platforms, born from the expertise of American Eagle Outfitters, understands the nuances of the apparel industry—from seasonal peaks to delicate garments. Our data-powered solutions ensure a seamless flow of your styles, from runway to doorstep.

Trusted By Leading Apparel & Footwear Brands

Natalie Haines Tipsy Elves

“The absolute best thing about working with Quiet Platforms is the clarity and ease of communication with their team. Whether we need to ship a package right away or give instructions for inbound merchandise, it’s always a breeze. They’re incredibly responsive and follow up promptly, making us feel confident and informed every step of the way.”

Natalie Haines, Director of Supply Chain Operations and Logistics, Tipsy Elves

Tipsy Elves

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